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Play time at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is  an orphan rescue and rehabilitation program.It is an organization that promotes conservation,preservation , wildlife and habitat protection. Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick, in honour of her late husband, David Leslie William Sheldrick( a famous  naturalist and founding Warden of Tsavo East National Park), founded DSWT in 1977.

DSWT provides food,clothing,shelter and medication to orphan elephants, hand raising them till they are of age to be reintegrated into the wild Tsavo National Park. DSWT is not only a harbour for elephants,there are other animal species such as giraffes and rhinos. As of now there are 36 orphaned elephants in their care.Each of these animals get specialised care and attention from the staff, who know them all by name and their background.The animals are given names from the communities where they are from.You can read more about the animals and the organization here David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Getting there

DSWT is located in the outskirts of Nairobi along Mbagathi Road and right inside the KWS Workshop.If using public transport, take matatu number 125/126 which is boarded from the Railway station.

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KWS Workshop

 DSWT is a bit far from the gate so if you are walking you might wanna factor in the time you’ll take to walk.

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Peep the warthog fam crossing

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Entry fee is kshs. 500 (5$). The visiting time is 11:00 am- 12:00 pm which is the elephants feeding time.The baby elephants come in, running for their milk .As the baby elephants drink water, feed and play, one of the knowledgeable staff explains about the trust, the adverse effects of poaching and then goes ahead to introduce each one of the baby elephants and their back story.

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Man’ s best friend in another world
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First group of baby elephants exiting

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The second group comes in running for their milk as well, gulping it down in seconds, but then again they are elephants so it is expected!The energy in the elephants is unmatched.They put on a good show and it is impossible not to fall in love with them.

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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust(DSWT)  exceeded my expectations in so many ways.It is well run, clean and super organized.I love that by simply visiting the place you contribute to a worthy cause.Every cent that goes to DSWT is used in caring for these babies.For kshs 5,000(50$) a year you can adopt an elephant of your choice, which comes with some merchandise and exclusive information about your adopted baby.So if your wondering what to get for a dear one who loves animals for Christmas you can adopt a baby for them.Trust me, it would be the perfect gift!If i could i would visit DSWT everyday of my life.The happiness in the elephants despite their losses in life warms my heart.Seeing them feed and play in the dust will stay in your heart forever.Hearing how their families were killed will make you want to extinguish poaching from the face of this earth and let the gentle giants roam the world in peace.

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Do visit this gem!
P.S. make sure you arrive at least twenty minutes earlier to get the best views of the elephants as the place gets pretty packed.It is better to visit DSWT on weekdays for the same reason.



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