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Pizza Fiesta


Now i’m no food critic nor am i a professional food taster.I am just a girl who loves to eat and try out new places and food.A  girl’s gotta eat right?Anyways so the first ever Nairobi Pizza Festival kicked off about a week ago and was running from the 5th to the 9th of October at more than 20 restaurants.The deal was pretty sweet, 2 pizzas at the price of one and Carlsberg beer. I love pizza so i was pretty stoked!I decided to try out ArtCaffe and i was not disappointed one bit.I had the perfect chowdown!Tasty pizzas and yummy cocktails.Match made in heaven!The pizzas were thin crusted, slightly crispy and not overly cheesy.The cocktails were divine!Worth every penny my friends.Great service.Chill vibe. Perfecto!It’s a great place to wind down after a long day’s work.


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Spicy Sausage

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Slice of Hawaiian

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Hawaiian on the far left and Spicy Sausage

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Crispy bacon and Pollo

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On to the draaanks

Strawberry Daiquiri

Doesn’t it just scream vacation mode!Beach please……

La Playa

Pineapple Mojito


Great food + Great company + Chill vibe + nice music= happy foodie!! ArtCaffe you have my heart!

Love and Love:)


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