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Of serene walks and lunch with baboons

Anyone who knows me well would attest to the fact that I’m a stay home kinda girl.I would rather just chill at home catching up on my fave series or a good book.Sometimes though it gets really boring and I end up staring blankly at the ceiling wishing someone would just whisk me to someplace .Sometimes you just wanna feel the wind brushing your skin ever so gently as you explore the great outdoors.Such lazy afternoons call for a stroll at the Nairobi Safari Walk.The Nairobi Safari Walk is right inside the KWS Headquarters which is also where The Nairobi National Park and the Animal Orphanage are located.


There’s plenty to do and see especially for nature and animal lovers.I had visited the place as a kid but my memory of it was a bit rusty so I was rather surprised to find that it had not changed one bit.KWS are doing an amazing job of maintaining the place.The Nairobi Safari Walk is pretty much a walking safari on a wooden raised platform so you get the most amazing views!It is home to the rare bongo, white rhino, albino zebra as well as big cats, antelopes and primates.It is also home to some 150 species of local trees.The leopards decided to hide though,so disappointing!!It’s quite unbelievable that such a serene haven is in the heart of Nairobi.Right in the hustle and bustle of city life is this beautiful undisturbed piece of heaven.
Fact:Nairobi is the only city in the world to boast a 12,000-hectare park (117 square kilometres).
Yup,you’re welcome!I bet it’s also the only place where you can walk right next to warthogs and baboons.

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Animals we saw

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This guy kept running round his enclosure wonder why
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The Albino Zebra is such a beauty






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The rare Bongo
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Three cheers to conservation
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You should make sure you steer clear off the baboons though, or atleast don’t eat near them.I made that mistake and it was not pretty!They pretty much turned my lunch into a food massacre within seconds.They ate my lunch man:| Baboons are savage!

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Spoiler Alert!

Does that qualify as having lunch with baboons?Sure thing!
Did i have fun though?YEEEEEEES
It’s a must visit.

It’s  pretty affordable too-Adult citizens pay kshs 250
So the next time you’re lonely/bored at home do listen to your heart and do visit this gem.
Kwaheri 🙂


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